The ‘Vabbing’Trend Uses Vaginal Fluid as DIY Perfume

In in the present day’s episode of “Why Is This a Trend,” TikTokers are swearing by vabbing, a wedding of “vagina” and “dabbing,” which, simply as it sounds, entails using your personal vaginal fluids as fragrance. The thought? To entice a date with these pheromones. The pattern has taken off a lot, Urban Dictionary added it to its web site: “I’m going out tonight and I’ll be vabbing to get ready.”

According to The Tab, the time period “vabbing” began in 2018 on a podcast episode of the Secret Keepers Club, hosted by Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann. We first noticed it on TikTookay from customers Mandy Lee (@oldloserinbrooklyn) and @jewlieah. (It seems like Lee has taken her video down.)

“I swear if you vab, you will attract people like a date or a one-night stand or you’ll just get free drinks all night,” Lee mentioned in her video. Elle Woods ought to have been instructing vabbing as an alternative of the bend-and-snap as a result of it’s simpler.”

On the flip side, @jewlieah added “VABTOK” to her TikTookay bio so she’s down to speak about it. “I’ve been doing it for a week and it’s been working out for me,” she says. She goes by means of the fundamentals of vabbing, such as washing your palms earlier than and after (duh) and holding off if in case you have an energetic STD.

So, does it work? Well, the professionals say no. But after all, you are able to do no matter works for you! Dr. Jen Gunter, an OB/GYN and a pain drugs doctor, took to TikTookay to discuss the pattern. “Humans don’t have a functioning vomeronasal organ, which is the organ that you need to actually process pheromones,” she says. “There’s no evidence that human behavior is driven by pheromones.”

So, there you might have it! Maybe as an alternative go for an attractive fragrance, like Phlur’s Missing Person ($96 at Phlur), that some say “smells like being in love.”

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