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Smallville was a massively common sequence that had an epic 10-season run from 2001 to 2011. It informed the story of a younger Clark Kent, navigating not solely his teen years, however the realization that he has superpowers that he has to study to harness and notice absolutely. It featured a proficient younger cast and a narrative with lots of heart, nevertheless it was shut to not being fairly as excellent because it turned out.

In a latest interview with THR, some of the key cast and creators sat down to discuss the sequence kicking off, and the way discovering its star was a troublesome job. Tom Welling, who was finally cast as Clark Kent, mentioned:

“I was auditioning a lot during that period of pilot season, going out three, four times a day. Just trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. This show Smallville came along, and they weren’t releasing the script. They just wanted me to audition. My manager at the time says, ‘That either means they don’t have a script, or it’s not very good.’ We turned it down.”

Co-creator of the sequence, Miles Millar, mentioned:

Tom’s headshot was in the office and he refused to come in. Finally, [director] David Nutter begged to see him.”

Welling added:

He said I could come in and read the pilot script if I signed an NDA. I realized the show was not about Superman. It was about a kid in high school growing up and trying to figure out who he is. That’s a very human journey. I called a meeting with the producers and the writers because I wanted to ask questions. Somehow they accepted. I was terrified I was going to walk into a show where I’m running around in tights. I walked into this room. There are 15 people sitting in a semi-circle. It was like a counselor’s meeting or something. I sat down with this list of questions. ‘Who are the villains? What do they look like?’”

Co-creator Alfred Gough talked about the incontrovertible fact that Welling had the actual vibe they had been searching for. He was from the Midwest and was so good-looking, it was only a excellent match.

Welling went on to say:

“The next thing I know, I come in for a screen test with Kristin. Kristin had already been cast, so I walk into the waiting room and it was me and Jensen Ackles, who I’d seen on TV before but didn’t know. I was like, ‘This guy is a real actor. I’ll never get it.’”

Obviously that wasn’t the case. Maybe Welling can credit score his writing off the likelihood of getting the position as to why he was ready to have such a very good audition, however both approach, the relaxation is historical past. Were you a die exhausting fan of Smallville?

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