Princess Nokia On Beauty, Body Hair, & Bucking The System

In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the sweetness baggage of our favourite skills for intel on the rituals that preserve them glowing and the MVPs (most precious merchandise) they can not live with out. Here, Princess Nokia tells Bustle about breaking stigmas round body hair, creating a brand new music for Gillette Venus’ #SayPubic marketing campaign, and making magnificence merchandise at house.

Social media has executed quite a bit to warp everybody’s notion of what magnificence is. But there are occasions when it may be a safe space for individuals to ask questions and problem the norm. For instance, when a fan commented on Instagram that Destiny Frasqueri, aka Princess Nokia, posted an image with seen body hair, the rapper used it as a instructing second. She merely responded: “I don’t believe that I have to shave or need to be hairless in order to be beautiful or clean.”

“I’m always very honest with them, whether it’s been about body dysmorphia or my breast surgery; I always lead with honesty because I always want to give context to young people,” Princess Nokia tells me over Zoom. “I never want to allow smoke and mirrors to be the facade that’s going on. If I do something, I’m gonna tell the people about it.”

It’s that transparency and non-conformity that made the “I Like Him” rapper the clear selection for Gillette Venus to partner with for the second rendition of “The Pube Song.” The whimsical tune debuted final year when the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin assortment launched. In hopes of de-stigmatizing and inspiring girls to #SayPubic, the animated video chronicles a day within the lifetime of a pubic hair in search of acceptance. Though it’s hilarious, the video drives house the message that pubic hair is simply as regular as different hair discovered on everybody’s body.

“I thought [the first version] sounded like a mix of a Broadway musical and ‘The Vagina Monologues,’” she says. “I thought the combination and the conception were genius, so I was really excited to do something that was so whimsical and theatrical. It almost reminded me of Idina Menzel singing ‘Frozen.’”

It’s a foolish premise, that’s the precisely the purpose. The key to getting the message about pubic hair — or something actually — to resonate is thru humor. “The best way to tackle something a little taboo is by being comedic about it,” says Princess Nokia. “I think humanizing things on a comedic and artistic level is the happy middle ground between universally connecting people.”

Coming up with a brand new rendition that also captured that very same humorous vibe got here simply. She says she was so comfy with the topic and excited concerning the premise that she wrote it in quarter-hour. “I’ve never been able to do something of that nature,” she stated. “I’m jumping deep in.”

Being so comfy with who you might be isn’t any straightforward feat, and Princess Nokia credit the New York underground punk scene for making a safe space for her to embrace her Afro-Indigenous and Puerto-Rican background and create her personal definition of magnificence.

“I used to watch and see photos of Kathleen Hanna perform in her panties with her underarm hair and throw dirty tampons at a booing male crowd. She set the precedent for me of what I wanted to appear and look like on stage,” she says. “I’m not trying to emulate her. I just was influenced by punk ideals — feminist punk ideals.”

It’s those self same beliefs that influenced how she views body hair. “While everybody is so consumed with hiding their body hair, it was riot grrrl that made me go, ‘this is bulls*t,’” she says. “And I’m not going to feel confined [because] someone might make fun of me.”

Below, Princess Nokia shares her magnificence favorites and a few home made skin care and hair hacks.

Her MVP For Pubic Hair Grooming

“I love really great advances in steel technology because it really is about the science of the angles, metal, and craftsmanship of a razor that can affect your body. Unfortunately, women don’t realize that, internalize, and think that there’s something wrong with them. But they just may not be using the best products or understand how to maintain the skin in their pelvic areas.”

Her Favorite Multitasker

“I use [this] as my body wash, my shampoo, and my dish soap. It is incredible. I dilute [it] with water when I’m halfway or a quarter away from done with it and just fill it with water and keep repurposing it. It lasts me a really long time and is sustainable.”

Her DIY Conditioner

“I use avocado as a natural-based conditioner. I haven’t used any conditioners from the stores for about the last nine months because [there’s] simply just so much build-up. If I [use a conventional conditioner], I’m like, ‘All right, well, I’m going to have to put my hair in a ponytail for two days because my hair is just gonna be so greased down.’ So I put [avocado] in my hair for 10 minutes.”

Her Hero Hydrator

“I love Bio-Oil. It keeps my skin really moisturized.”

The Homemade Makeup Setter


“I use homemade rose water as a setting spray. I keep it on me [as a] facial refresher, but it also maintains moisturized skin. Before I apply oil, I spray my face with rose water.”

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