Lori Miller Made Living Wine Doc After Her Brother’s House Burned Down

Lori Miller was impressed to make her new natural wine documentary, Living Wine, after her brother’s house burned down within the 2017 Tubbs Fire that destroyed a big portion of Santa Rosa, California. Everything appeared positive as soon as he and his household moved to a brand new property on the town that included a small winery — however they quickly skilled one of many surprising realities of the business wine business in their very own yard.

“They wanted to make their own wine,” Miller informed MovieMaker. And they had been excited to begin – till the cruel pesticides that had been being sprayed on their vines started to seep into their water desk and contaminate the properly water that their kids drank every single day.

“Because the property is off the grid, all their drinking water comes from a well and not the city water,” Miller mentioned. “There was a management company that was coming and tending to the vines, and they watched them, over the months after they moved in, spraying these chemical inputs on the vines. You know, pesticides and herbicides. By the time they got to summer, they were coming every two weeks and spraying roundup on their vines, which was obviously getting into their water table and into their drinking water for their family.”

It seems, harsh pesticides like Roundup are generally used when rising wine grapes — and as soon as they’re juiced, so are chemical components known as processing aids.

After Miller’s brother informed her what he and his household skilled, he launched her to Darek Trowbridge, a neighborhood California winemaker interviewed in Living Wine whose Old World Winery is natural, sustainable, and Roundup-free. But the hallmarks of natural wine don’t simply happen whereas the grapes are being grown. The wine itself can be free from any unnatural processing aids that the majority standard wineries use to control the wine’s colour and style so as to obtain a constant product year after year.

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The ensuing “natural” wine is a real reflection of the land and the surroundings it got here from that year.

There’s a cheerful ending for Miller’s brother and his household. Trowbridge helped them convert their vines to use the identical regenerative farming practices that he makes use of on his farm, eliminating the Roundup runoff into their water desk.

“It sort of started a journey for me to read about how wine is made because I was completely unaware. I assume that wine that I would buy wherever — at Whole Foods or Ralph’s — was a natural beverage, when in fact, there’s no way to know how the grapes were farmed from the bottle of wine that you’re drinking,” Miller mentioned.

“You don’t know if chemical inputs have been used, or even if negative environmental practices have been used to make the wine. There’s no way a consumer would know that,” she added. “And then I started to learn about the certain sort of more artistic side of wine… natural wine is a pure expression of the place that the grapes come from, whereas conventional wines, in order to make those wines, there’s a lot of manipulation that occurs to make the taste, I would say, consistent from vintage to vintage, from bottle to bottle.”

Living Wine additionally factors out the about-face flip that the winemaking business has undergone in simply the final 100 years.

“Before the advent of chemical fertilizers in industrial agriculture, all wine was made this way,” Miller mentioned. “So this is sort of a modern, corporate idea of wine that we’ve all become accustomed to.”

Living Wine is now enjoying in choose theaters. To study extra in regards to the winemakers featured within the documentary and to see an inventory of theaters the place it’s enjoying, go to the film’s web site here.

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Main Image: A nonetheless from Living Wine courtesy of Abramorama.

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