Inside The Beauty Battle Raging On TikTok

Eyes are undoubtedly the gateway to 1’s soul, and sometimes what people take a look at (and are interested in) after they first meet. And although everyone seems to be blessed with a singular eye form and equally lovely eye coloration — TikTok’s newest viral development is taking up BeautyTok’s For You web page, showcasing easy make-up techniques and facial features subtleties that alter one’s pure gaze, and in the end encourage people to embrace opposing sides of 1’s persona.

Enter: The doe eye vs. siren eye comparisons (and slew of tutorials).

Doe eyes, by nature, are simply as they sound. Innocent, wide-eyed, and oh so candy — impressed by younger does with their wobbly, uncertain legs and impossibly round eyes. Also known as Bambi eyes or doll eyes, some who naturally share this specific eye look embody Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy, to call just a few.

Siren eyes, in direct comparability, are vastly totally different from doe eyes. With a reputation impressed by legendary mermaids (generally known as sirens, after all) that lure younger sailors astray with their otherworldly lullabies, siren eyes are sharp, alluring, and crammed with a sensuality that feels powerfully assured and positive. Think Bella Hadid’s piercing gaze, or maybe Megan Fox’s show-stopping, elongated child blues.

Doe Eyes

If your eyes occur to be extra almond-shaped quite than rounded, how does one obtain this wide-eyed look with make-up?

Ana Escobar, a makeup-loving Tiktoker, reveals her tricks to create eyes that look extra doe-like by the use of vibrant white eyeliner alongside the lower lashline, upturned eyeliner that creates the phantasm of roundedness, and a small shadowed wing extending from the lower lashes.

Siren Eyes

As for siren eyes, it’s all about creating that intensely lengthy, sharpened silhouette. Danielle Marcan, a UK-based MUA and TikToker, shares an in-depth tutorial on how she reworked her naturally doe-shaped eyes.

Where doe eyes make the most of white liner within the lower lashline, attempt lining your lower waterline with both black or dark brown for a glance that’s extra piercing and siren-esque. Further, Marcan focuses her efforts on her prime liner, creating an extended, straight wing that extends in the direction of her temples, in addition to a catlike level at her eye’s inside corners. Another one in every of her professional suggestions? Don’t pencil in your liner all the way in which throughout your lid. Instead, go away an empty hole in the midst of your eyes the place your pupils seem most rounded, offsetting the curved form.

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