Iman Vellani Reveals Who Ms. Marvel Would Side With in ‘Civil War’

by way of Marvel Studios

Now that Ms. Marvel has wrapped up its first Disney Plus season with this week’s finale, Iman Vellani is lastly a bit of off the chain to answer questions in regards to the collection and her title character, Kamala Khan. Vellani, who’s confirmed to be unafraid of proffering her opinion on all things Marvel, has jumped into the web with each toes by taking up a Reddit Ask Me Anything, and her answer about character loyalty will shock no fan who’s been studying her context clues.

When requested by consumer ThelmanVellani who Kamala would side with throughout the epic Civil War that tore the Avengers aside, Vellani doesn’t hesitate to decide on sides:

Her answer shouldn’t shock anybody who’s been paying consideration as Vellani’s star has risen into the MCU firmament. She’s a self-described superfan, not solely of the franchise as a complete, but additionally of Tony Stark in specific.

“I think all of this started because I had a crush on Robert Downey, Jr.,” Vellani informed “The movie’s so good. Jon Favreau is such a wonderful director. I think when I was like 11 or 12 my Marvel obsession just heightened to the max, and I fully became obsessed with Iron Man and anything to do with Iron Man.”

“Whenever I was sad, I’d watch it. Whenever I was happy, I’d watch it. The first thing I did when I got cast was watch the movie. Every big moment in my life also includes Iron Man. Because I have that attachment to it, it means a lot to me even though you know, it’s not like the greatest movie ever created, but to me it is.”

Vellani has definitely had her share of massive moments. So a lot in order that she has the primary 5 minutes of the film memorized.

Vellani isn’t simply talking along with her heart although. In the Ms. Marvel comedian collection and The Invincible Iron Man comedian collection, Kamala and Tony have a working relationship that, sadly, we gained’t get to see in the present MCU. Vellani ought to know, as she revealed to, she’s learn all of them:

“‘The 2016 run where Kamala is an Avenger, and she’s fighting alongside Iron Man, and Iron Man’s helping her with her physics homework and gets her gyros and fries, and they eat them together,’ she said. ‘He helps her when her dad gets sick in the comics. Their relationship is very, very wholesome.’”

No shock that Kamala would stand with fellow teen Spider-Man on Tony’s pro-registration side of the fence throughout Civil War. possibly we are able to get a What If…? exhibiting her embiggening to combat it out with Cap’s crew sometime.

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