Honor Among Thieves’ Trailer Drops At Comic-Con – Deadline

Paramount and eOne have been the primary theatrical studio to point out off their wares on the first in-person Comic-Con in three years with Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. 

And the panelists have been bravely in individual within the 6,500 capability, masked up Hall H together with Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, Regé-Jean Page and Hugh Grant –the latter his first Comic-Con.

“We tried to do it with Sense & Sensibility, but we were turned away,” joked Grant about that Ang Lee film’s try to hitch the confab.  The group was joined by co-directors and scribes Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley and producer Jeremy Latcham.

In truth, Grant’s playboy previous turn into fodder for a number of jokes through the panel.

On why Grant determined to board Dungeons & Dragons, Rodriguez cracked, “I think he mixed it up with S&M.”

“She’s not wrong,” mentioned Grant enjoying alongside, “I’ve been an enthusiast dungeon master for years…it’s a British past time sport.”

Toward the top of the session, a boy requested what props the actors want to take residence from the set.

While Rodriguez answer her ax, for Grant it was “the fish covered in KY Jelly”

“Hugh, keep in mind that’ s a child asking the question,” mentioned Goldstein.

Grant continued to joke, “For a couple of years, I would always take home a couple of extras…extra costumes.”

The huge growth popping out of the panel was the pic’s first trailer plus two action-filled clips.

The logline for the pic per producer Lacham who saved it glib: “There’s a lot of questing in the movie; the team is on an search to find (a solution) to the issue they’re facing.”

Teased Goldstein about what followers can anticipate within the movie, that’s additionally within the sport, “There are characters from the Lore as well which will provide a runway into multiple films.”

The filmmakers instructed Hall H that they have been lifelong followers of the sport. Goldstein performed since he was ten, seeing his character killed by his brother who was the dungeon grasp. Daley started enjoying throughout his performing time on Freeks and Geeks. 

Pine didn’t uncover the sport till he was 42 when the filmmakers despatched him a bundle of D&D video games. The Star Trek actor mentioned he was conscious of the sport by means of his nephew, who was an enormous fan.

“We got my whole family to play….it was amazing thing to see my family light up,” Pine mentioned.

“My father didn’t want to play, and my sister thought it was a pain,” he quipped.

“If there’s a game that should be played in every high school, it’s D&D. You can get the bully and the jock in a room, and I guarantee you in 20 minutes, they won’t remember what kind of class thy came from or who their best friends are or who the dork is. They just want to play and have a laugh,” mentioned Pine.

There was a 2000 function take of the Wizards of the Coast role-playing sport which grossed a paltry $34M worldwide. But Paramount/eOne’s model is an entire totally different ballgame, supped and starred up. As Grant places it, this film has “a Monty Python sensibility”.

The first clip proven was Pine, Justice Smith, Lillis’ adventurers at battlefield graveyard, as they question corpses, looking for the situation of the Helmet of Destruction, and to study what occurred within the battle. They undergo a number of lifeless people because the scene flashes back to the battle in opposition to an evil dragon.

The second clip had Hugh Grant welcoming three teams of adventurers, together with the threesome above, to a contest in Neverwinter, the place they raced by means of a maze to flee a displacer beast. As they seek for weapons, Rodriguez is attacked by a mimic pretending to be a chest whereas Lillis virtually runs right into a gelatinous dice. The clip ends as Pine is cornered by the displacer beast.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves opens stateside on March 3, 2023.

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