A Mind-Blowingly Meta Fan Theory Believes MCU Exists Within the MCU

Image: Disney Plus

Not content material with the Marvel Cinematic Universe simply being the most ever-expanding and populated franchise in the recognized universe, followers now assume there’s one other very meta layer to the Marvel cake.

During the occasions of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the What If…? sequence, audiences study of the concept of multiverse idea in addition to the concept of numbered universes. Traditionally in Marvel comics, the mainline universe is denoted as Earth-616: however in the comics, the MCU is numbered Earth-199999.

So what precisely is the take care of the MCU being each Earth-616 and Earth-199999? Well one fan idea thinks they’ve cracked the case, and it’s doing numbers on Reddit.

Posted by the aptly-named /u/Antman269, the idea believes that the MCU is a franchise based mostly on the 616 Marvel comics, that exists inside the 616 comics. Essentially, the MCU is an adaptation of the “real world events” which are taking place for comics 616 universe residents. Following alongside?

This would imply that there’s much more occurring than many initially realised in the MCU, and kind of clarify why some actors have returned to their roles, akin to Patrick Stewart from the X-Men movies in Multiverse of Madness, or Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield from their respective Spider-Man movies in No Way Home.

Or, it’s an over-intellectualising of a property that shouldn’t actually be that advanced, and is continually on the verge of collapsing up its personal bottom because it tries to broaden its universe. Either method, it’s a enjoyable time to take a position on Marvel properties.

Regardless, there’s numerous tales left to inform inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the newest entry, Thor: Love and Thunder presently in cinemas.

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