13 undeniable signs your ex doesn’t want to lose you (and might still love you!)

Sometimes, it may be arduous to inform whether or not or not your ex is still in love with you — and if he/she has lost curiosity.

However, there are various signs that may make this a bit simpler.

Here’s our record of 13 undeniable signs your ex doesn’t want to lose you (and might still love you!).

1) They present up on the very unlikely of moments

Think about this for a second:

Have you ever discovered your ex showing on the most random of moments? Maybe they only occurred to be there to lend you a serving to hand! Maybe they have been merely taking a stroll and stumbled upon you.

Or perhaps they confirmed up at your place of work.

But if this occurs repeatedly and so they by no means appear to have the ability to avoid you, this might be an indication that they’re all in favour of you once more.

For instance, you might discover them popping up at random events — like a celebration, a reunion, or simply your every day commute to work.

They might even present up at your workplace…

2) They keep in touch

I wager most of us have observed this, however it’s one thing that many people don’t actually take into account.

Even once they’ve damaged up with you, you might discover that your ex is still in touch with you.

They might name from time to time, or communicate through textual content message.

They might even start to investigate cross-check how you’re doing.

If they do, that is often an excellent signal that they’re still all in favour of you and want to keep shut to you. Even once they break up with somebody, most people usually still want to keep in touch. After all, staying in touch is a a lot simpler means of maintaining tabs on the person who you care about.

3) They make an effort to be respectful of your boundaries and wishes

When you break up with somebody, it may be straightforward to really feel offended and resentful.

Sometimes we are saying things that we don’t imply…

Sometimes we blame the opposite particular person for all the things flawed in our lives.

But if your ex truly makes a real effort to abide by your boundaries and wishes, and on the similar time deal with you with respect.

It often implies that they still care.

You might be questioning why this matter comes into play, however it’s essential to observe that the connection is often extra essential than the opposite particular person. If your ex has made an effort to be respectful of your boundaries and wishes, then there’s an excellent likelihood that they care about you — and want to work in the direction of making things work.

4) You catch them outdated footage of the 2 of you

Just the considered catching your ex outdated footage of the 2 of you may be sufficient to make your heart skip a beat.

It can lead to just a few questions:

– Is she or he simply reminiscing due to the breakup?

– Or… is one thing extra occurring right here?

And the excellent news is:

If your ex is outdated footage of the 2 of you, then it often implies that they still care about you. After all, why else would they want to hold a picture of you round?

In case you additionally want to get back collectively, there are various methods to achieve this, like displaying your ex that you’re still contemplating them for a relationship — even when you’ve simply damaged up or allow them to know that you can be found in the event that they want to get back collectively.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, do this “Jealousy” textual content

— “I think it was a great idea that we decided to start dating other people. I do just want to be friends right now!” —

Jealousy is a robust factor; use it to your benefit. But use it properly.

By giving your ex this textual content, you’re speaking to your ex that you’re truly needed by others. We’re all attracted to people needed by others.

By saying that you’re dating once more, you’re just about saying that “it’s your loss!”

After sending this textual content they’ll start to really feel attraction for you once more due to a “fear of loss”.

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5) They’re weak with you

According to the book “The Art of Love” by Andreas Wecker, it has been proven that when somebody is really in love, they may present signs of being weak with you.


Well, within the second of being weak, they may “give you a piece of themselves”, to let you know that they’re genuinely keen to let you in.

They might present this by saying they’re going by way of a tough time. They might say they’ve belief points and ask if there may be something that you can do to assist them overcome this concern. Or maybe they may show some signs of wanting to be weak with you:

– They will speak about their feelings

– They will enable you to peek into their “friend zone” — so long as it’s for a second’s discover

– They will speak about issues that they’re dealing with

You might additionally discover that your ex is opening up extra, and keen to focus on points with you. If this occurs, then know that they want to get back collectively. (This isn’t all the time an excellent factor although!)

6) They genuinely appear glad for you

Imagine this:

You’ve simply let your ex know that you’ve succeeded at touchdown a brand new job. Your ex genuinely appears glad for you and tells you that they’re pleased with you.

You can’t wait to inform them concerning the new home that you’ve simply purchased, so you inform all of them about it — however your ex is genuinely glad for you and congratulates you on your huge buy.

If this occurs, then because of this your ex still cares about you. This can also be a brand new level of attraction for your ex in the direction of you.

Now, that doesn’t imply that they’ll instantly attempt to get back collectively. But it does imply that they care about you; that they want to work on the connection and make it work.

7) They still want to assist you with duties

When you break up with somebody, it may be straightforward to begin pondering that the opposite particular person doesn’t want to be part of your life anymore.

This is why people typically refuse to assist you with chores or duties anymore, although they might still care about you.

But if your ex is still keen to do chores and duties for you, it implies that they still want to be part of your life.

So, right here’s the deal:

Don’t go overboard on this one.

If your ex is still keen to assist you with duties, then go forward and allow them to. But don’t count on them to do greater than they did earlier than the breakup.

If you ask your ex to additionally do chores and duties for you after the breakup, then that may make them really feel a bit uncomfortable and keen to get away from all of it.

8) They provide emotional help when wanted

When you’re experiencing a tough time, it may be arduous to know the place to go for emotional help.

What if you attempt to speak about it with your ex, and your ex then they’re actually supportive in any respect? What in the event that they finally simply flip things round to make it about them?

If you discover out that your ex is supportive when you want it, then this often implies that they care about you.

I beforehand talked about the idea of “being vulnerable” when it comes to relationships. If your ex is displaying signs of wanting to be weak with you throughout a tough time, then it may well imply that they care about you.

This doesn’t imply that they’ll attempt to get back collectively or repair things, however it does say lots about their emotions and intentions.

It will get higher if…

You still have that spark, and you’re all in favour of getting back collectively. If you can deliver the spark back, then it is going to make it simpler to know in the event that they care about you or not.

9) They’re still jealous when it comes to your exes or different people

You might know that your ex still cares about you when you hear them present their jealousy within the type of:

– Commenting on the things that you post which can be associated to a previous relationship (in a constructive or negative means).

– Having just a few catty feedback once they see you interacting with somebody new.

– Being jealous when their mates meet your ex, or if you hang around with people which can be totally different from them.

– From time to time, they might want you to get back collectively. And that is often not as a result of they’re jealous. It’s extra like they want to make it possible for you’re actually severe about it within the first place.

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10) They keep in mind essential dates and instances in your life

Another signal that your ex still cares about you is that if they will keep in mind essential dates and instances in your life that you shared collectively.

This might embody:

– The first time you met

– The final time you spoke with them (earlier than the breakup)

– The final time that they noticed you earlier than the breakup

– Your anniversary (if you are married)

– The first time that you advised them that you liked them

Even if that is solely a small a part of your relationship, it still says lots about their intentions towards you.

If your ex can keep in mind these reminiscences for you, then it implies that they do still care about you.

Even if…

No matter what number of signs point out that your ex still cares about you, know that there will probably be instances once they don’t present this. They might have lots occurring of their life that they will’t actually speak about.

But right here’s the kilker:

Don’t count on them to be 100% in line with the signs. It’s not natural for people to all the time be in contact and categorical their emotions towards you.

If you get back along with your ex, then count on things to change over time. Expect them to present totally different signs at totally different instances — and even on the similar time!

Relationships are unpredictable, and may’t all the time comply with a sample of habits. So, dangle onto some hope that they only might come back.

11) They deliver up outdated matters of dialog

Remember what it was like when you first began a relationship with your ex? You might have shared a number of common pursuits and values that you each cared about.

It’s attainable that your ex might deliver up a few of these conversations when you begin speaking once more. They might deliver these matters up on their very own or remind you about them.

But additionally remember the fact that, in addition to the explanation they still love you, there are additionally causes like:

– They want to check these values and see if you still maintain onto them

– They want to know that your emotions haven’t modified an excessive amount of because the breakup.

– They want to ensure that there are not any main modifications in your life that made you assume much less of them.

– They want to know that you still care about them (even when they really feel like they don’t deserve it).

– They want to come up with that spark once more!

– They want to make it possible for you’re not simply doing this as a result of they broke up with you.

– You might have some new or totally different pursuits which can be attention-grabbing and enjoyable to them. This could possibly be one thing like Bicycling, climbing, or promoting classic garments.

In a phrase: Don’t attempt to determine their purpose for mentioning these items. Just drift. If it’s one thing essential to you, then you know that they still care about you.

12) They don’t attempt eradicating your stuff from their life

This is a extremely huge one.

In most breakups, the opposite particular person tries to take away as a lot of their stuff from the ‘partner’’s life as attainable.

This is as a result of they want you to really feel like you not matter — and that they don’t want to be part of your life anymore. Of course, this will depend on how a lot you matter to them.

But what if your ex still has stuff that belongs to you of their life?

They still have your footage. They still have things which can be associated to you. And they might even hold your stuff in one among their rooms — the place it’s straightforward for them to discover!

If your ex still has things which can be associated to you of their life, then know that the connection is still essential and significant to them.

This often implies that they do care about you — and that they want to get back collectively.

13) They get unhappy when speaking concerning the future with out you in it for some purpose

When you’re in a relationship with somebody, there’s all the time one thing they want to do collectively — or one thing they want to get. Maybe they want to go on trip collectively. Or perhaps they want to purchase a home.

But when your relationship ends, you might lose the possibility to do a few of these things as a result of you not have the opposite particular person in your life. And this could make them unhappy.

They can also really feel like they’ve to work tougher to get what they want in life. Or they might simply keep caught of their consolation zone and cease working towards their objectives — as a result of there’s not somebody that motivates or conjures up them.

This additionally has some negative results on your ex, which may trigger them to begin occupied with ending their relationship with you. Without realizing it, this might occur before ever earlier than.

Final ideas

Hopefully, with these 13 signs, you’ve been in a position to see that your ex still cares about you. Remember that you still have the possibility to get back collectively.

If you genuinely want your ex back, you want the assistance of knowledgeable.

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